Xmind: Inserting Information
Desktop Apps Training - Mind Maps

Lesson 5 / Lesson 7

You can insert many different types of information into your mind map. One that you've already discovered is the different keyword titles. Three other types of information that you can enter are notes, labels, and hyperlinks.

Changing Titles

To change a title, double click a topic or select it and click Modify --- Title.

Changing the title in a topic of a mind map

Then type the new title in its place.

Title of mind map topic


Insert a note to add additional information to a topic. Select the topic and click Modify --- Notes. Once you see the note window you can type in a note and customize the notes appearance by toggling bold, italic, underline, and strikeout options. Alignment, indent, text color, and text background are all also available across the top of the window. Some of the options are displayed in the note area on the screenshot below. The last option "Notes View" displays the notes options as a tab at the bottom of the window. Images can be added to notes in Notes View if needed.

Insert Note into mind map topic

Notes that include URL's such as http://beginlinux.com will automatically display a link.


Labels allow you to make one or more simple connotations for each topic allowing topics to be sorted with labels. Seperate multiple lables with a comma. To insert or edit a label, click on the topic and select Modify --- Label.

Sub topic label in mind map



Change hyperlinks by clicking on a topic and selecting Modify --- Hyperlink.

Hyperlink text in mind map topic

This brings up the Modify Topic Hyperlink window where you can create web, file, or topic links.

insert web, file or topic link

Selecting the Topic option from the left column will bring up topics already created in the mind map. Select one to link to it.

Linking to topics in mind maps