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Topics are what the Xmind application calls the keywords or nodes that represent ideas, tasks, or whatever you're using mind mapping for. Four different kinds of topics can be inserted into your mind map using Xmind including the central topic, main topics, sub topics, and floating topics.

Central Topics

To create a new central topic you need to start Xmind and select File --- New --- New.

New Mind Map

This creates a rounded rectangle that includes the text "Central Topic". Click on the text and change it to your desired central topic. Remember there can be only one central topic in your mind map.

Centralized Topic in Mind Map

Main Topics

With the central topic selected press enter on the keyboard or select Insert --- Topic.

Inserting a new topic into a mind map

This creates a new main topic which is the first level of topics past the central topic and a great place to put direct ideas.

Main topic inserted into mind map

Sub Topics

A sub topic is the second layer of topics that can be inserted onto main and floating topics. To insert a sub topic select a main topic or floating topic and click Insert --- Subtopic.

Insert a subtpic to mind map

This results in a sub toic being added to your main topic. This is an ideal place to record details about your ideas or plans.

Example of a mind map with subtopics

Floating Topics

These topics are not connected to any other part of the mind map and can appear anywhere on it. Users can create "Floating Central" topics and "Floating Main" topics by clicking Insert and then the desired style of floating topic.

Insert Floating topic to mind map

After choosing to insert a floating topic you will notice the topic appears to be attached to your cursor. Find a suitable location in your mind map and click your mouse.

Example of a floating topic

Forum Questions

Community member
"tedsintown" asks:

Q: "How do you perform the drilldown option in XMind and what does it do.? I'm reading something that says drilldown the topic? What does this mean? I don't see it it in your mind map course"

Forum moderator responded:

Select a topic and press f6 or right click and select drilldown from the menu. This allows

you to focus on the selected branch making it the central topic. You can drill back up with the arrow icon inside the topic.