XMind: Powerful Shortcuts
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Lesson 6 / Lesson 8

With shortcuts for just about everything, Xmind really gives its users a chance to speed up the planning process. Memorizing the entire list of shortcuts may not be necessary especially for beginners but a few shortcuts especially for creating new topics is definately necessary. The other thing about Xmind shortcuts that is very novice-friendly is the one key shortcuts. No complex multi-key combinations to do something simple like add a topic, just the enter key. I've included a list of the shortcuts for the Linux version of Xmind. Many of the shortcuts are relevant and it comes down to how much time you prefer to save. I think any user that tries using the Enter key to make new topic, or Tab key to make a sub-topic will immediately prefer to preform those actions using the shortcut from that point on.

XMind Shortcut List

Ctrl+Shift+N New Workbook
Ctrl+O Open Workbook
Ctrl+S Save Workbook
Ctrl+Shift+S Save All Workbooks
Ctrl+W Close Workbook
Ctrl+Shift+W Close All Workbooks
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Delete Delete
Ctrl+Home Go To Root Topic / Top of Text
Ctrl+A Select All Topics / Text
Ctrl+Shift+A Select Brother Topics
Ctrl+Alt+A Select Children Topics
Ctrl+F Find / Replace
Ctrl++ Zoom In
Ctrl+- Zoom Out
Ctrl+0 Actual Size
Alt+Enter Properties
Enter Insert Topic
Tab Insert Subtopic
Shift+Enter Insert Topic Before
Ctrl+Enter Insert Parent Topic
Ctrl+Shift+L Key Assist
Ctrl+I Insert Images From Local File
Ctrl+H Insert Hyperlink URL
Ctrl+B Insert Boundary
Ctrl+L Insert Relationship
Ctrl+] Insert Summary
F2 Edit Topic
F3 Edit Label
F4 Edit Rich Text Notes
F5 Presentation Mode
F6 Drill Down
Shift+F6 Drill Up
F7 Map Shot
+ Extend Branch
- Collapse Branch
* Extend All Branches
/ Collapse All Branches
Alt+Up Move Selected Forwards
Alt+Down Move Selected Backwards
Ctrl+T New Sheet
Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5,6 Quick Add Priority Markers
Esc Exit the popup notes dialog/Cancel Map Shot
Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Zoom In/Out


Here is a link to a flash card set to test your knowledge of the shortcuts dispalyed here.