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Desktop Apps Training - Mind Maps

Lesson 9 / Quiz

Xmind is an excellent choice to bring your ideas together on paper or on your screen. Learn Xmind course content faster by watching these step-by-step instructional mind mapping videos that cover the basics of the content just learned. Many users prefer video training as it is more entertaining however we've found it makes an excellent review tool too. If you're teaching on the topic or need to summarize a chapter to someone quickly and directly, the mind map videos are great. This videos outline some basic features that you'll use everytime you create a mind map.

This first video features the inventor of modern mind mapping, Tony Buzan. This mind mapping video has a ton of valueable points that this course hopeuflly helped get acrossed.

Install XMind on the Ubuntu 9.04 desktop.


Customize your XMind mind map with this example.


This video includes the basics of adding and changing information to your mind map.