XMind: Attachments
Desktop Apps Training - Mind Maps

Lesson 7 / Lesson 9

XMind lets you add attachments to individual topics inside of your mind map. The attachment will automatically be inserted as a sub-topic to the topic selected at the time of insertion. This feature allows you to connect many different types of files together into one media rich resource. I've created a mind map on homework. English, Math, Science, and Art make up the sub-topics. Lets attach some homework assignments to the appropriate subject.

Click on the main topic English and select Insert --- Attachment

Insert Attachment into mind map

Next pick a file that you want to attach to your mind maps topic. Click OK.

Find file to attach to mind map

Notice that the English essay has been attached to the English main topic as a sub-topic and the small icon to the right indicates it has an attachment.

Attachment become sub-topics on mind maps


Look inside of an attachment easily in XMind, open an attachment by selecting the topic and then clicking on Modify --- Open Attachment.

Attachments can also be saved from here by clicking Modify -- Save Attachment.

Save Attachment as Topics Sub-topic