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This multi-page Fedora desktop tutorial will outline the basics of using themes on the Fedora desktop. In addition to basic steps to finding, selecting, and customizing the pre-installed Fedora themes, students will also learn a few good places to find themes online and the steps to downloading and installing them.

Tutorial Design
This Fedora tutorial is designed to tackle the topic of themes answering common styling questions of complete Linux newbies.

Tutorial Difficulty
Suitable Linux newbies and first time Fedora users.

Fedora Support
The course author, among others, will be available for questions on the Fedora Questions Board located in our forum.

Fedora Quiz
The quiz is there to help you focus on the main features of the Fedora theming process.  Caution: You will only be able to take a quiz one time and that score will be recorded.

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The theme is a group of desktop graphical settings that change the way the desktop looks. Fedora theme changes will affect controls, colors, window borders, icons, and your pointer. Fedora comes with several themes pre-installed plus you can install Fedora themes that you've downloaded quite easily. Here's what the default Fedora 12 desktop theme looks like.

Fedora Default Desktop Theme