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Our first priority is bringing Linux training resources to the community and helping Linux users like you continue past obstacles on your path to complete freedom.

Newbies: We take care of our desktop users by submitting tutorials, courses and reviews weekly. We also provide a large selection of Linux video training available on CD.

Linux Admins: Linux admins have access to valueable tips and tutorials in the Linux Admin blog. One popular training method we've used a lot lately is virtual classrooms. Often paired with a practice server, our Linux virtual classroom training program provides a unique method of teaching students the Ubuntu server, CentOS server, Nagios, LDAP, Postfix, Apache, Bash Shell, Virtualization and more.

Windows Users: Much of our Linux training content, including the Video Training, is very popular amoung Windows users switching to Linux. No matter what skill level the training is we are careful to explain things step-by-step in a non-assuming manner.

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Where to Start

Things you might do to get started. (If you haven't already)

Register for the site, - This gives you access to the forum and other Linux resources available to the BeginLinux community.

Get our Twitter tips - Follow us on @beginlinux and you'll enjoy random Linux tips, contests and links to our new articles, posts, and tutorials.

Although we do provide several new Linux tutorials, aritcles and training on a weekly basis, nothing compares to discussing your issues with a live person. Come join us in our Linux Forum.