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Fedora comes with several themes pre-installed on the desktop. This way you have a few options out-of-the-box without relying on an internet connection.  Here's a preview of each theme that come pre-installed on the Fedora 12 GNOME desktop. Clearlooks, Crux, Fedora, Mist Glider, Glossy, High Contrast, and High Contrast Reverse themes all seem to be available by default on the Fedora 12 GNOME desktop.

Fedora 12 Pre-installed Themes

To access these themes on your Fedora desktop, click on System --- Preferences --- Appearance. When the appearance preferences window is open and the theme tab is selected, you should be able to simply click on the thumbnails to preview each theme. Across the bottom of the appearance preferences window you'll see options for finding additional themes online, deleting, saving, customizing and installing themes.

Here's a short video showing this process.


Looking at the Fedora 12 KDE destkop you'll noticed the following themes pre-installed. Air, Aya, Blend, Elegance, Heron, Oxygen, Silicon, and Slim Glow.

Fedora 12 KDEThemes


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