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Fedora doesn't come with all that many theme options pre-installed. By really why should it. In a few easy steps you can locate, download, and install a new theme from the internet. Many themes are available online and new themes are popping up all the time.




Each of the sites has an easy interface and plenty of information about the themes. Click download and choose to open or save the file. If you choose to save the file you must re-enter the Appearance Preferences window and install the theme. If you choose to open the file instead of saving it, using the theme manager, you can download, unpack, and apply the theme all in one step.


If you've already downloaded a theme file to your computer, installing the theme is quite simple. Navigate to System --- Preferences --- Appearance and press the install button down at the bottom of the window. Fiind the theme, select it, and Fedora will take care of the rest.


In this example i chose to use the link inside the Appearance Preferences window to go to and apply a new window border theme. This site contains various GNOME themes sorted by category.

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