Apache Resources

by Mike on July 14, 2010

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Apache Resources
These Apache resources are a way to find the answers you need when you are managing a Web Server. These links focus on the Apache web server on Ubuntu and CentOS servers.

Training Resources
Live Ubuntu Training
Live CentOS Training
Skill Builder: One Hour Live Classes
Web Series: 4 Hours of Live Classes
Online Class: Apache Security
Server Daemons With Apache: 500 Page PDF

Ubuntu Install
Add Modules
SSL on Ubuntu
Access Control With Ubuntu

Apache and SELinux
SELinux with Apache
Access Control With Restricted Folders
Performance Tuning Apache
Manage Logs
Name Based Hosting
Self-Signed Certificate for SSL
SSL Certificates
Encrypted Order Forms
Moving Port 80 to 443
Secure .htaccess Files
AWStats on Your Web Server

Apache Performance
Performance: Server Design
Performance: CPU
Performance: Memory
Performance: I/O
Performance: Network

MySQL Database for LAMP Server
MySQL Basics
Create Database
Backup and Restore Database
MySQL Maintenance
Securing PHP

Joomla and WordPress
Speed Up Joomla
WordPress Installation

ModSecurity: Getting Started
ModSecurity: Application Firewall
ModSecurity: Allowing GoogleBot
ModSecurity: Allowing Google Verification
ModSecurity: How Good Is It?
ModSecurity: Altering Apache Identity
Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Nikto: Scan Apache for security Holes
ModSecurity Handbook

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