Firewall Interface
Desktop Training - Fedora

This lesson will help you understand the firewall interface in Fedora so that you can make modifications if you want to.

Lesson  3 / Lesson 5

The Firewall interface provides the options you need to create a firewall that meets you needs.  The Toolbar provides 5 icons for configuration.  The Wizard is a process to build a firewall based on your choices.  "Apply' is used once you have made changes and you want to make them active.  "Reload" will restart the firewall in case there are changes that have not been applied that you want to get rid of.  And you can either "Enable" or "Disable" the firewall as needed.

firewall interface

Notice that the column on the left is greyed out.  That is because the selection for skill level was for a "Beginner" .  If you change that to "Expert" level you will be able to view the options in that column.

Trusted Services
These are applications and their port numbers with the protocol for each that are enabled to communicate to your machine.  These services should be limited to those you are sure you need.  The services are listed as checked in the box on the right.

Other Ports
You are able to create rules on your Firewall for ports that are not listed by default.

This is an option you would use if you computer was acting as a firewall for an internal network.

Port Forwarding
This option would be used when a connection attempt was made on  a specific port from the Internet it would then be forwarded to an internal machine on the local network at a port chosen.

ICMP Filter
This option allows you to turn off selected ICMP messages from the network.

Custom Rules
You can import rules from another firewall into your firewall to help build the rules that you need.

In the following sections we will show you how to use these options for configuring a more advanced firewall.