Firewall: Port Forwarding
Desktop Training - Fedora

Port forwarding is done when you want to forward a connection from the Internet to an internal server.  This again will assume you are using two network cards on the machine.

Lesson 8 / Lesson 10

Here is an example of a port forward.  When there is a connection on the outside network to port 22, SSH, it will be forwarded to an internal IP address on the same port.


port forward

To create a port forward rule select "Add" and then choose the port that the connection will come in on.  Note you have the option to create your own port number if it is not listed.

port forwarding

Be sure to select the correct interface or network card you will have the connection coming from. Choose the protocol and the port number that it will be coming in on as well.  The destination IP address is the internal address that the connection will go to.  The assumption is that it will connect to the same port number on the internal machine but you can change that.

port forwarding