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Before we get started with this Linux Mint wireless tutorial I want to recommend our Linux Wireless PDF and Command Line PDF if you're looking to take Linux Mint to the next level. Beginners can easily configure their wireless card for Linux Mint if it doesn't work out f the box. This can be done several ways including activating a restricted driver or using Windows drivers through Ndiswrapper. One of the challenges with wireless problems is that they are frequently different for each set of hardware. No one solution will fix all of your Linux Mint wireless issues however here's a few steps newbies can use to get wireless working.

Activating Proprietary Wireless Drivers

Linux Mint will often detect a proprietary wireless driver and give you the option to install this driver.  A icon for this is displayed on the Linux Mint welcome screen. You can also check manually by selecting Control Panel from the menu, then in the Hardware area select Additional Drivers. Here's a step by step video I created while activating a Broadcom wireless driver on Linux Mint 10 "Julia".

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Here are some older tutorials that review Ndiswrapper and useful terminal commands to get your wireless working.

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