Configure a Wireless Router
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 Wireless Router Configuration

Wireless routers are the key to making a connection from the Internet to your local network. Wireless routers also will provide a firewall to insure the integrity of your home network. The router will probably allow three types of connections. A connection to the Internet, a Ethernet or cable connection to your internal network and a wireless connection to the internal network.

LAN Configuration

The LAN IP Address is the network and computer address for the inside of the router. This is the connection to the internal network, a green arrow in the illustration. This IP Address which is on the wireless router is connected to an internal network, the red circle in the illustration. This covers all of the computers that are on the network, 255 in all.

The LAN is the internal IP Address followed by the subnet (/24), which will allow 255 computers on this network.

Linux routerwireless network

Note: All of your computers that connect to the wireless device must be on the same network.... 


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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCP
DHCP is used to dynamically create and deliver IP Addresses (think of it as street addresses) to clients on the internal network.  This means that the user does not configure each computer and with it an IP Adresses manually, instead it is all done by the router or wireless access point automatically. 


DHCP IP Address Limits

In the example, note that the DHCP configuration limits DHCP addresses from to  This only allows 32 computers to use DHCP.  You may want to increase or decrease this number depending upon the number of computers that you are delivering addresses to. 

 dhcp addresses

Lease Time
The Lease Time is the amount of time that the computer can use the IP Address that it was assigned to.  If you are on a busy network with limited IP Addresses you may want to keep this time limit low.  In a home situation you may want to keep this much higher.

DNS Server
The DNS server will translate the name of a web domain like, to the actual IP Address of the domain,  Using a DNS Server that is close to you is faster than one far away.  Usually the best thing to do is use the DNS Server provided by your ISP. 

 wireless network

WAN Type

PPPoE - Point-to-Point over Ethernet
This connection method allows users to link via Ethernet cable using DSL, wireless or a cable modem.

Dynamic IP Address (DHCP) - a Dynamically assigned IP Address that may change often.

Static IP Address - A unique Public IP Address that stays constant.

PPPoE Unnumber - PPPoE - Point-to-Point over Ethernet on a router using an IP Address the same as the network interface.

 wireless router

Be sure to understand the kind of connection that you are making to the Internet.  If you are having a hard time understanding what you have talk to your ISP. 


Static IP Address 
Your network may also provide static IP Addresses, or addresses that remain the same on a computer.  This is a requirement for any server you may have on the network.  Static IP Addresses may be used on a cable connection with Ethernet or assigned in the DHCP section of your router.

 static IP Address