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by Andrew on November 19, 2010

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We’ve been using Twitter to interact with Linux users for almost two years now. For awhile we did a #FollowFriday segment featuring our favorite users from the week before. It was fun but we always wanted to do more. Now we’re doing the same thing here each Friday but listing some interesting facts about each user so you can learn something about them and what they’re in to.

Twitter: @ubersec
Name: Jacob Goldberg
Website: http://www.ubersec.com
Notes: Jacob is a cyber security professional with some interesting security, scripting and hacking related tweets. He’s created his own distro along with a penetration testing tool with C and Python.
Tags: #security #hacking #scripts #testing

Twitter: @clarck_c
Name: Clarck
Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/clarckc
Notes: Clarck is a DJ, producer and electronic music artist that uses Crunchbang primarily. Clarck also uses Puredyne in the studio which made me want to research Puredyne a little more. Turns out it’s a Ubuntu/Debian based distro that specializes in audio-and-visual processing and streaming.
Tags: #production #music #studio

Twitter: @david_ziegler
Name: David Ziegler
Website: http://davidziegler.net
Notes: David is an Ubuntu user and the co-founder of Codio, a startup to help improve the technical recruiting process. Visit his site and you’ll find a nice layout showing the things he’s involved in.
Tags: #coding #css #open-source

Twitter: @saberOMRANI
Name: Saber OMRANI
Website: http://cv.saberomrani.com/
Notes: Saber is a Red Hat Certified Technician interested in new technologies, the software development process and quality assurance. Saber is also fluent is several spoken and programming languages. Check out his website and resume.
Tags: #redhat #programming #quality

Thanks for stopping by our blog, we hope you like this new #FollowFriday segment.
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