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by Andrew on November 12, 2010

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We’ve been using Twitter to interact with Linux users for almost two years now. For awhile we did a #FollowFriday segment featuring our favorite users from the week before. It was fun but we always wanted to do more. Now we’re doing the same thing here each Friday but listing some interesting facts about each user so you can learn something about them and what they’re in to.

Twitter: @gaswold
Name: Gary Richmond
Website: http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/poster/3653
Notes: Gary is an enthusiastic freesoftware devotee that tackles many GNU/Linux issues and has a lot of great posts on his blog. I found him to be very in touch with what’s going on out there and worth following.
Tags: #foss #gnu/linux #freesoftware #mozilla

Twitter: @linuxrants
Name: Mike
Website: http://www.linuxrants.com
Notes: Mike is a Systems Administrator that runs his own Linux server and hosts LinuxRants.com, a site I’ve only recently discovered to be a great source for daily Linux news links.
Tags: #linux #linuxnews #phone #windows #operatingsystems

Twitter: @hsmak
Name: Husain Al-Khamis
Website: http://hsmak.wordpress.com/
Notes: Hussain Al-Khamis is an open source advocate with a background in Java/Java EE development. I’ve had contact with Hussain since we started this Twitter thing and have enjoyed his blog posts, friendly conversation and useful links.
Tags: #technology #open-source #ubuntu #photography #personaldevelopment

Twitter: @t
Name: Andrew Mallett
Website: http://www.theurbanpenguin.com
Notes: Andrew is a friendly, experienced Linux user with several high-end certifications. His website and Youtube channel feature an on-going flow of OpenSUSE tutorials that are worth checking out.
Tags: #opensuse #novell #desktop #server

Twitter: @linuxlog
Name: Jay
Website: http://www.billingham.ca/LinuxLog/
Notes: Jay is an Ubuntu user that tweets and re-tweets a lot of interesting GNU/Linux-related stories. You can find out more about the direction his blog is headed by reading today’s post titled “The Return of Linux Log“.
Tags: #installation #benchmarking #testing #tips #rants

Thanks for stopping by our blog, we hope you like this new #FollowFriday segment.
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Husain Al-Khamis

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