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Lesson 6/ Lesson 8

The terminal is a window that allows you to type in commands and request them to be completed. The terminal often allows users to complete tasks faster and in more detail that graphically however using the terminal does have a slight learning curve. Practicing some basic commands goes a long way in boosting newbie's confidence while using the terminal. Open the terminal by selecting Applications --- System Tools  --- Terminal. With the termianl window open issue a few commands until you're comfortable with how it reacts.

Display the date: 
Display a calendar: cal
Clear screen:
Become root:
su -
Start program:
"program name"

Now lets move on to the popular YUM package managing system of Fedora.Yum or Yellow dog updater modified, is an automatic updater and package installer/remover for the Fedora 8 system.. Automatically computing dependencies Yum knows what should occur when installing packages. Some of the features of the Yum package manager are multiple repositories, simple config file, correct dependency calculation, fast operation, rpm-consistent behavior, comps.xml group support and a very simple interface. Below i have listed out some commonly used yum commands.

Here is how you install: yum install "packagename"
Here is how you remove: yum remove "packagename"
Here is how to update a single package: yum update "packagename"
Here is how to check for updates:

yum check-update

How to determine which package provides a specific feature:  
yum proves "filename"
How to search for a file:

yum search "keyword"

Fedora terminal commands



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