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Desktop Training - Fedora

Lesson 7/ Lesson 9

To access and set up printing preferences on your Fedora system select System --- Administration --- Printing.

finding printing preferences Save

The first thing we see in the Printer configuration window is a menubar across the top and a toolbar filled with icons. These icons allow you to complete tasks like adding a new printer. On the left we can see my printer listed under Local Printers and to the right we have five tabs. The first tab Settings allows us to give our printer a description, specify location, default printer options, print test pages and more.


The next tab, Policies, allows us to change error and operation policies as well as banner options.

Under Access control we can control what user can and can not print.

access control

Printer options allows us to change page size, printout mode, media source, type and more.


Next under Job Options we can set options to be automatically added to each job that arrives at this print server. These options include copies, orientation, size, and pages per side, just to name a few.

job options