Desktop: Managing Files
Desktop Training - Fedora

Lesson 5/ Lesson 7

To access the file browser click on Applications --- System Tools --- File Browser. When the file browser opens you should see the places folders on the left and selected folder contents on the right.Across the top are quick shortcut icons that allow users to navigate backward, forward and up, stop, reload, go home, go to computer, and search.The File browser also allows bookmarking, tabbed browsing, and tons of preferences to customize by clicking Edit --- Preferences.

The Places portion of the Fedora menu includes shortcuts to important places on your Fedora desktop. you can use the places menu to quickly hop around to your home folder, desktop, documents, music, pictures, videos, and downloads. The Places menu also connect users to the computer, network, and connect to server options.

If you need to find a specific file by keyword, you can do this with the Search for Files feature that is located at Places --- Search for Files.


After the search window loads you can see we have several different areas to identify. The first area is the Name contains field. Here you can enter the keyword that you want to search for. Under Look in folder you can select folders from the drop down list. Select more options allows us to search by Contains the text and many more refinements. The large white area is where the search results will be listed. Columns separate the files name, folder, and size.