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OpenVPN Live Training

Live 4 Hour Class $295.00

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OpenVPN is a SSL VPN or Virtual Private Network which will function in several different kinds of configurations including remote access, site-to-site VPNs and WiFi security. OpenVPN uses industry standard SSL/TLS protocol for supporting client authentication based on certificates, smart cards and/or 2-factor authentication.


Class Structure
Each class provides the student with a one-to-one relationship with an instructor for one 4 hour class. The student will be provided a server in order to set up OpenVPN and test it with either a Windows or Linux client.

The various distros with a discussion of the advantages as well as the disadvantages will be presented for the student. The student will then either install OpenVPN on a CentOS 5 or Ubuntu box.

The student will install and verify both the server and the client. Installation will include creating keys and moving the keys to the client to set up.

Server Management
This section of the class will provide information on how to set the server up specifically and the options that are available on the server. This information will include setting up keys, configuring the firewall and determining network settings.

Client Management

Both a Windows and Linux client will be evaluated so the student can choose which option best works for them.

Practical Application
The major function of the class is not just learning, but application of what the student learns on a live server to create a working VPN. Students will install and use a working VPN as part of the class.



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