Server Management

Linux servers like all other aspects of computers need to be managed. Server are critical to a company's future as that is where data is stored for the internal users and servers provide services for users outside of the internal network. This category will show you how to manage a Linux Server from the building of a server to the maintenance of that server.

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1 Fix GRUB Config
2 GRUB Error Mesages
3 GRUB Protection
4 GRUB Commands
5 Configure GRUB
6 LDAP White Pages
7 LDAP Server Install
8 LDAP Logging
9 tcp_wrappers with LDAP
10 Add System User
11 LDAP File Locations
12 LDAP Commands
13 Set Up LDAP Client
14 Linux Career Training
15 Super GRUB Disk--A GRUB Repair Utility
16 Linux Command Line Course
17 Ubuntu Access Control Lists
18 LDAP Client on Ubuntu
19 LDAP Server on Ubuntu
20 Basics of LDAP
21 RAID 5 With LVM on Ubuntu
22 RAID 1 on Ubuntu
23 RAID 0 on Ubuntu
24 Create RAID Partitions on Ubuntu
25 Webmin on Ubuntu
26 Build a Green Server
27 Ubuntu Server with AppArmor
28 Ubuntu Uncomplicated Firewall
29 Creating Logical Volumes on Ubuntu 8.04
30 Server Hard Drive Heat
31 Server Heat Management
32 OpenVPN Class