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Here is a unique Linux Career Opportunity.  We are currently looking for 1-3 people interested in developing into Linux Admins/Trainers.  Our interest is in people we can train and develop over a 60 week course.  What is unique about this course is that you will work for us while you are training.  This will offset the cost of the course by as much as 50%.  The course is $400 a month for the 15 months but up to $200 each month will provided by your work, writing for us.  This means that you can get the course for half-price if you can keep up with the work load.
What we are looking for:
1. Self-Motivated Individua
We are looking for someone who can get assignments done on their own.  They can do research, problem solving and create documentation without needing someone's help.  
2. Ability to Write
Individuals who are interested must be willing and able to write clearly and be able to express themselves in English so that other can understand.
3. Tenacious
Problems are hard to solve at times.  We need people who will aggressively pursue the problem solution until they can arrive at a solution.   We are not interested in quitters.
4. Ability to Train with Patience
People are not easy to work with at times.  We need trainers who will be patient and diligent despite difficulties with students.
5. Innovation
We are looking for people who have new ideas and new ways of working with technology.  The Internet and Linux specifically is rapidly changing.
Outline of the Course
Stage 1: Basic Training (20 weeks)

The Basic Training Section will include 10 weeks of Server Administration and 10 weeks of LPI Certification Training.  The goal of this section will be to not only test your desire to learn difficult information but provide you will the information to get LPI Certified, Linux + Certified or RHCT.
Stage 2: Disto Expert (20 weeks)
The second 20 weeks will focus on helping you become an expert in one Linux distribution.  During this time you will be required to write extensively and set up a test lab in order to focus on skills with one distribution.  This will be foundational for your future as an Admin/Trainer.
Stage 3: Project Documentation (20 weeks)
You will be assigned projects to document and provide solutions.  During this section you may be assigned jobs with clients or act as a trainer in specific situations.  This will all be done under supervision.
The ultimate goal is to not only provide you with the training and certifications that will get you into a Linux Career but also work toward providing you with a job.   
If this looks like something you are interested in please send a 500 word example of your writing skills on a Linux topic and a resume to:
mike at

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