Nagios: Monitor Cisco Routers Course

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Nagios provides a monitor option to evaluate routers and switches using SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol.  This course will show you how to set up Nagios and specifically how to locate the information you want to monitor with SNMP on a Cisco router.  This is a Free Course available to anyone.

Course Difficulty
This course is designed to take you from a basic Nagios Server that is working to the point where you can monitor routers and switches.  The course uses a Cisco router as an example in how this can be accomplished.  You will learn how to enable connection with your router using SNMP and discover the Object Identifiers(OIDs) that you want to monitor on the router.  Using tools like snmpwalk and mbrowse you will mine out these text strings that you need for the information required.  You will learn how to enter the necessary configuration information into your routers.cfg which Nagios will use to monitor specific aspects of the router.  The course level is not easy ,especially if you do not have previous experience with SNMP.  However, Nagios Administrators with some experience using Nagios should find the course helpful.  You will also benefit from a  basic knowledge of Cisco routers.  The outline of the course is listed below.  Additional links for other aspects of setting up Nagios can be found in this blog and links are also provided in the course itself.

Course Support

Course Outline

SNMP Basics
Browse SNMP
Router Access
Configure Nagios
Router Packet Loss
Traffic Stats
Web Interface

Here are additional links that support the course as well.

Other Links for Help

Set Up Nagios
Web Interface
Report Limits
Monitor Windows Machines
Testing Connections
File Locations
Monitor Printers
Monitor Linux Boxes
Respond to Problems

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