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Dia is a graphical based program designed not just for drawing but also commonly used for various types of diagramming. Dia's object based tools allow users to diagram anything from networks to electrical currents. This graphical program also allows for fast and easy use for the user because of the straight forward tool selection offered.


The File Menu has all of the basic functions that a user would use concerning the status of your document. New, Open, Save, Save As, Export, Page Setup, Print, Close, and Quit are all available in the File Menu.
Dia File Menu



The Edit Menu displays all of the main editing tools that most other programs would have. Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo, and Redo are all involved in this Menu. Other options include Duplicate, Delete, Copy, Cut and Paste Text.

Edit menu


Clicking Diagram on the menu brings Properties and Layers options.

Diagram menu



In the View Menu, users may Zoom in and out and enable grid view abilities.

View Menu


The Objects Menu under the Option Menu has several choices concerning the objects that have been selected in the Dia diagram. From this menu users may send a selected object to the back of the diagram or move it to the front. Other options include grouping and properties.

Objects Dia menu


The Select menu item brings users select all, none, invert, transitive, connected and same type options. Also appearing here are union, replace, intersection, remove, inverse, and select by options.

Dia Select Menu



The Tools menu item contains all of the tools appearing on the toolbox.

Dia Tools Menu

Choose an input method ehre, System(Simple) is the default and sufficient for begiinners.

Dia Input Methods Menu


The Dialog menu item allows users to view the group properties.

Dia Dialogs Menu