Dia Installation on Windows
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In case you haven't discovered Linux yet, here's a Dia installation tutorial aimed at Windows users. Go to http://dia-installer.de and download the Windows Dia for free. I'm installing Dia on Windows XP Professional.

Installing Dia on Windows


Save the .exe file to your computer.

Save .exe

Located the Dia .exe file and double click on it.

Dia icon

Select the language you want to use.

Dia Language

The first screen on the Dia setup is an intoduction. Click Next.

Dia Windows Setup

On this screen agree to the License Agreement by clicking Next.

Dia Windows install License agreement

Choose what components you want to include with the dia installation. Click Next.

Choose components for Dia

Now lets choose where to save the .exe file. Then click Install.

Choose Installation Folder

Here you can see Dia in the process of being installed.Dia instlalling itself on windows

Dia has finished being installed. Select the Run Dia checkbox to start the program right away.

Dia Installed


Here's the final result of our installation. Dia 0.97 on windows XP.

Dia Interface