Saving and Exporting
Desktop Apps Training - Dia

Lesson 8 / Lesson 10

After you create a fantastic diagramm using the Dia application you'll want to be able to save or export it. Fortunately, Dia has quite a few options for this. Now that I have something worth keeping, lets save this file.
Ready to export in Dia

Click File --- Save or Save As. Then choose a filename and click Save.
Save As in Dia File menu

To save the diagram with another type of extension click on File --- Export.
Export in File menu Dia

The Export Diagram window includes a place to enter the filename we want to save this diagram as, where we want to save it, and what type of extension to save it as.

Export Diagram window in Dia

Click on the dropdown next to Determine file type and you'll see a large list (a few shown below) of the extensions you can export your diagram as. Xfig and Visio formats included.

Export Diagram pick File Extension