Nagios 3: Authorization to Web Interface

by Mike on March 23, 2009

in Nagios

This Nagios Training option will show you how to create users that have decision making powers in the web interface.  By default only the nagiosadmin can see all hosts and all services.  You can modify that for any user that you would like to add.

Nagios User with Unlimited Access on Web Interface

The authentication parameters in the cgi.cfg is a way to configure access so that the contacts that log in must match the hosts and services which they are responsible for.  This eliminates them being able to access other

In order to provide access for a user to be able to see all computers and services on the Web Interface you will need to activate these two parameters on the /etc/nagios/cgi.cfg.


If you want to allow a user (like fred) to run any commands on the web interface even if they are not listed with permissions that match a service or host you will need to modify these two parameters.

authorized_for_all_service_commands=nagiosadmin ,fred

If you wanted to set up configuration so that all users who authenticate to the web interface can do everything they choose, not recommended, then you would place a “*” at the end of each line for all users.


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