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Ubuntu Hardy Heron offers Gnome which includes a unique clock that really adds to the desktop. Traditionally the clock usually appears in the corner of the screen and by clicking on it you may change the time or timezone. The world clock of Ubuntu 8.04 allows you to change the month, years, day, location, and you can even configure how you want your weather displayed. Below you can see the world clock displayed with the location of Spokane, WA selected. To change the preferences of the world clock click the the edit button in center to the right.

world clock on the ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron Linux desktop

After clicking the edit button you will see the Clock Preferences window which contains three tabs. the first tab, general, allows for selection of 12 hour format or 24 hour format and also allows us to show additional items on the panel including date, seconds, weather, and temperature.

general tab in world clock preferences

The Locations tab allows the user to add multiple location profiles by selecting the add button. You can also edit or remove locations.

locations tab in wolrd clock preferences

The weather tab allows you to set temperature and wind speed units displayed. At the bottom you can also select time settings to change the time.

weather tab in world clock preferences