Ubuntu Live CD
Desktop Training - Ubuntu 8.04

A Live CD is a CD that you can put into the CD tray of any computer, reboot the computer and if the BIOS is set to boot the CDROM first it will start up and give you a entire operating system. The Live CD functions just like if you had it installed on the computer except that the whole system runs off the CDROM and the RAM of your computer. By default the Live CD will not write to your hard drive so it will not damage the hard drive or the contents of the hard drive. This provides a safe way to test the CD to learn Linux or to see how well it will detect your hardware.

 Ubuntu Desktop

Advantages of the Live CD

  • run an operating system separate from the one installed on the hard drive

  • run an operating system that will not damage the system on the hard drive

  • test hardware compatibility

  • creates a totally mobile operating system


Disadvantages of a Live CD

  • RAM and CDROM slower than a hard drive install

  • configuration must be saved in order for it to be the same at boot time

  • need a location to save files if not on the hard drive

The point of the Live CD is to explore the operating system as well as to explore the potential that exists for creating a more permanent solution to using Linux.


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