SalixOS 13.0 "Live" Screenshots
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Salix OS 13.0 "Live" is a Slackware-based distribution that runs the XFCE desktop environment. This distro offers a complete desktop running as a live CD and it also offers users the Persistence Wizard, a tool designed to help you save data and modifications between live CD sessions. In addition to using the live CD features, you can use the brand new graphical installer to install Saltix on to your hard drive. Make sure you create a partition first using the Gparted icon on the Salix desktop.


The first menu you see when you put in the Salix OS 13.0 Live CD.

SalixOS 13.0 First Menu


Salix OS 13.0 Booting Up

SalixOS Booting

Salix OS Loading With Progress Meter.

SalixOS Loading With Progress Meter

Salix OS 13.0 Live Default Desktop

SalixOS 13.0 Default Desktop

Salix OS 13.0 Menu

SalixOS 13.0 Menu


Salix OS 13.0 Installer Details

SalixOS 13.0  Installer Details

Salix OS 13.0 Installer Starting Screen

SalixOS 13.0 Installer Start


Salix OS 13.0 Installer Keyboard Settings

SalixOS 13.0 Installer Keyboard Settings


SalixOS 13.0  Installer Language Settings


Salix OS 13.0 Installer Partition Settings

SalixOS 13.0 Installer Partition Settings


Salix OS 13.0  Installer User Settings

SalixOS 13.0  Installer User Settings

Salix OS 13.0 Installer Software Settings

SalixOS 13.0 Installer Software Settings


Salix OS 13.0 Installation Success.

SalixOS 13.0 Installation Sucess