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The Desktop

The gOS Dekstop is one of the most interesting Desktops available today. It consists of several unique features. The Desktop by default is highly integrated with Google. The upper right hand corner represents a Google search tools. The Menu is built from a number of links to Google docs which is online. This make for a very useful tool when you are mobile as your documents are online instead of locked into one box. The Desktop is uncluttered, yet has icons that represent the access you need to network, time, the computer file system and applications you need to be productive.



The simplicity of the system is appealing and powerful. Having a series of icons that are link to applications you use often is an excellent choice as it avoids the series of clicks to enter the menu itself.

Google Integration

The operating system is integrated with a number of Google features.

Gmail – Google Webmail
Google Calendar
Google Docs and Spreadsheets
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Google News

This operating system is the first one that I am aware of that illustrates what could be done with a light weight Desktop that is fully connected with online resources.



If you right click anywhere on the Desktop you will get the main menu. Favorite Applications are those that you will use often. The Applications option will give you access to those applications which are installed on the system.










The Run Command opens a one line command line for access to the command line.

Files takes you to the view of the Home directory, the Desktop and the Root filesystem.


Desktop opens a menu to Create Virtual Desktops, Shelves and Show/Hide All Windows. A Virtual Desktop allows you to move onto another Desktop when you reach the edge of the screen. You are able to flip desktops or choose an animated flip to make the transition.


Shelves are special features that install and contain gadgets. One shelf is the network interface which is installed by default on the Desktop. Another shelf is the clock on the Desktop. You can choose Shelves and then Add a Shelf in order to install new options on the Desktop.






Here you see two shelves are already installed. Choose Add and then you will be able to determine what gadget you want to use.


Below are a list of gadgets that can be added. For example you could add a thermometer.



The temperature gadget has been added to this shelf.

Here you see additional shelf configuration, including layout and icon size.





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