Desktop: Basic Tasks
Desktop Training - Fedora

Lesson 4/ Lesson 6
Add a user to your Fedora desktop by selecting System -- Administration --- Users and Groups. This should bring up the User Manager window. Click on the Add New User button at the top of the window. Enter username, full name, password, and login shell on this window. Other options include enabling or disabling home directory and choosing the name, creating private group for the user and manually specifying user and group IDs. Click OK and your user will be added to the list under the Users tab on the User Manager window.

Add a New User to Fedora

Add a group to the Fedora desktop by opening the User Manager window, System -- Administration --- Users and Groups, and selecting the Add Group button. this brings up the Create New Group window. Just enter the group name and group ID, if you want, and click OK. Your group will be added to the Groups tab on the User Manager window.

Add a New Group to Fedora

Modify and existing user or group by selecting a user or a group and clicking the Properties button at the top of the window. this bring up the properties for the selected item in a window where they can be modified to fit your needs. Other buttons across the top of the User Manager window include Delete, Refresh and Help.

Add/Remove Software

To add software to your Fedora desktop click on System --- Administration --- Add/Remove Software. This brings up the Add/Remove Software window which includes a search bar in the top left, software categories in the left column and software packages for installation in the display to the right. After a package is selected a description shows in the bottom display area. To install the selected package mark the check box to the left of the package. The box icon should change to an opened box. Click the apply button in the bottom right corner of the Window and comfirm your request. The package will be downloaded and installed.

Add or Remove Fedora Software

Change the software sources of the packages displayed here by clicking System --- Software Sources on the Add/Remove Software window. This brings up software source options you can enable and disable by checking and unchecking the boxes to the left of the sources. The checkbox at the bottom allows users to see bug and development software sources.

Change Fedora Software Sources

Update the software installed on your Fedora desktop by selecting System --- Administration --- Software Update. Wait for a moment while to Software Update window opens and checks for updates. After a moment you should see the numebr of available updates at the top of the window. You can deselect updates you don't want to install by clicking on the checkboxes in the install column. Selecting an update will bring up a description in the lower display area. Buttons in the bottom right let users Quit or Install Updates. Click Install Updates and confirm your request.

Keep your Fedora Softweare Up to Date