Verify Quota Configuration

by Mike on October 6, 2009 · 2 comments

in Server Management

Once you have quotas set up on the server, whether they are user or group quotas, you will need to test them to verify they are working correctly.  Set the quota for a user and then add file space as that user to verify that quotas are changing in the process.

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One command that I always liked ot use is repquota.  For example if your quotas are on the /home directory run this command:

repquota   /home

That should show current status and keep up to date with changes.  This will confirm both user and group quotas.

Turn Quotas Off
This command turns quotas off.

quotaoff -vaug
quotas may be enabled again by running the command


Maintain Quotas
The quotacheck command must be run on a regular basis to maintain the quotas that have been set. Use this command in a crontab -e or in one of the following files to regularly run the command. It will mean that the commands are much more accurate.

quotacheck -avug
Files that the command could be placed into. Frequency depends on the amount of changes that are expected.

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