TLWIR: Bittorrent Sync Brings Decentralized File Synchronization to GNU/Linux

by Rex Djere on August 21, 2013


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Dropbox and Google Drive are two fantastic file synchronization programs, but both have some serious drawbacks. Google Drive is a very good solution if you have a Windows or Mac PC, an Ipad or Iphone, or an Android device. However, there is still no native client for GNU/Linux. Dropbox has a client for most major platforms, including GNU/Linux, but the fact that your files sit on a central server run by Dropbox still scares some people. In The Linux Week in Review, I will present a great new alternative that fully supports the GNU/Linux operating system: Bittorrent Sync.

What is Bittorrent Sync?

Bittorrent Sync is a decentralized file sharing program that shares files using the same Bittorrent protocol that is used to share programs and media via a peer-to-peer network. Unfortunately, Bittorrent Sync is not open source, though the developers say that they may open source some or all of Bittorrent Sync in the future. I use Bittorrent Sync now on my Fedora 19 system because it is a very good primary file sharing solution. I still use Dropbox as my backup.

How Well Does Bittorrent Sync Support GNU/Linux?

I have run Bittorrent Sync on my Fedora 19 system since the beta version of the preview release was introduced a few weeks ago. It works flawlessly! It allows me to securely sync files between my GNU/Linux, Windows 7, and Android devices. It is extremely fast, and it syncs files in the background while you work.



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