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Create Profiles with edquota
One advantage of the edquota command is that an administrator is able to create one quota for a user and then use that user as a template or profile for other users. Create a profile for a user, save and test the quota to be sure it is correct. Then use the edquota command to roll out that profile to other users.

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Here is an example.
Disk quotas for user fred (uid 505):
Filesystem       blocks       soft        hard        inodes   soft   hard
/dev/sdc1          34000      35000      40000        234        0       0
Here fred represents the profile so that once fredś quota file is saved it may be used to create other user quotas. Use this command to create similar quotas for harry and mary.  The “p” option is what is used to create the template.  Make sure the user that you want to have be the template immediately follows the -p option.

edquota -p fred harry mary

Effectively what this means is that when you set up a system you will want to verify the limits that you want to use for users.  You may even have different classes of users to create a number of different templates.  Now you could create templates like: tech, office_users, power_users, etc. and give each a different template.  However the disadvantage is that you have create these are real users and so there is the mess of having users that are really not used and there is the security issues of unused accounts.  I have found it is better to use real users as you have a more realistic template and can actually get feedback from the user to verify their needs.

-u        edit user
-g        edit group
-t        edit soft time limit
-p       create template

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Manage Users with Quotas
Verify Quota Configuration
Quota Commands
User Quotas
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