LTSP Client
Server Training - Linux Terminal Server

The LTSP Client is usually a diskless computer that is low cost but has great performance because the speed is dependent upon the server and the network not the client.

The client is updated by updating the main system and adding features that you like to the system.  As root on the main system any applications you add are then enabled in all diskless workstations.  Basically what happens is that clients will inherit any changes that you make on the Ubuntu system except for changes in individual home directories.


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If you are interested in purchasing a diskless workstation I would recommend this site as these developers have put a lot of work into LTSP and it is good to support them.  Diskless

Using USB Devices with the Fuse File System

The Fuse File System will allow users to access USB plug-in devices like USB thumb drive, USB scanner, camera, etc. Even if they plug these into the diskless computer. Enable users access to fuse with LTSP in user permissions. This will allow them to mount and use USB drives like a thumb drive or scanner. In the User Privileges you must enable “fuse filesystems”.




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