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Create New Striped Logical Volume


LVM Striping

Striped logical volumes will lay down data on a number of drives, speeding up the I/O process. When laying down each stripe the size of the stripe cannot exceed the size of the extent. The striping will start with the first physical volume and each stripe or extent is then placed on the next physical volume. The size of the stripe is limited to the size of the extent.

striped volume

The LVM cannot determine if there are multiple physical volumes on the drive, so if you use striping on one disk with several physical volumes it will actually slow down performance instead of enhancing performance. This example will show you how to stripe with two drive partitions as a learning tool.


Here is the example of creating a striped volume for the logical volume named db. Note that 2 stripes are used with 4 Kilobytes granularity. Again, you may choose the size of the volume from the available space. This example is mounted on the filesystem at /db.

striped volumes

You can see on the physical view that the stripes are located on sda5 and sdb1. Again, stripes should be located on separate drives or it will actually slow performance.

striped volume



Here you can see the /db directory has been created so you have a working striped logical volume.

striped volume

If you chose Edit Properties you will be able to make modifications to the striped volume. The size may be viewed as Extents, Gigabytes, Megabytes or Kilobytes.

logical volume management


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