Vinagre on Ubuntu 8.04
Desktop Training - Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu includes Vinagre which is a useful VNC Client designed for the GNOME desktop. The Author of Vinagre is John Wendell, view his site here for a full feature list, downloads, screen shots or check out his blog.

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing and is made up of a computer sharing its' screen to the network. This means anyone with sufficient privileges can control the computer remotely.

VNC allows you to have several connection simultaneously, use favorites support to bookmark servers/most used connections, use GTKRecent to track recently used connections, store passwords inside of the Gnome Keyring, browse your network for VNC servers and more.

To access Vinagre (Remote Desktop Viewer) click on Applications --- Internet --- Remote Desktop Viewer

finding vinagre in the gnome 2.22 main menu

This will bring up the Remote Desktop Viewer window. Here we see a simple menu across the top and large icons that allow us to connect or close connections and also make remote desktop full screen or take a screenshot.

the vinagre remote desktop viewer

Selecting the large Connect icon in the top left of the window will bring up this window where we may specify the machine we want to connect to. Click find to browse the local network. when you have a host selected click the Connect button.

connect to a machine with vinagre

Vinager, The Remote Desktop Viewer version 0.50 is the new one included with Ubuntu. It looks promising and is already a huge improvement over the previous option.

about the remote desktop viewer