HTML5 On Ubuntu 10.04
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You've heard all of the advantages that HTML5 brings to your web experience, but how far away are we from enjoying the benefits of HTML5? With several browsers already supporting HTML5 video, I selected Google Chromium which was available for my Ubuntu 10.04 desktop and gave it a try.

Skip to the bottom for the html5 on Ubuntu video tutorial.

Here's the steps to viewing Youtube's HTML5 videos assuming you already have Chromium web browser installed. If not go into the Ubuntu Software Center and install it.

On the Ubuntu 10.04 desktop first open the terminal at Applications --- Accessories --- Terminal

HTML5 on Ubuntu 10.04 Opening The Terminal

Once the terminal is open type "sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra" and press enter. At this point you may need to enter your root password.

HTML5 on Ubuntu 10.04 Installing Chromium Plugin

Now open Chromium by selecting Applications --- Internet --- Chromium Web Browser.

HTML5 on Ubuntu 10.04 Open Chromium In The Menu


Navigate to At the bottom you'll see a link that says Join The HTML5 Beta. Click it and the link will change to Leave The HTML Beta.

HTML5 onUbuntu 10.04 Activate HTML 5 Test


Now you can navigate to any HTML5 video on Youtube and watch it. Notice the pre-loader on the video shown below.

HTML5 Video Playing On Ubuntu 10.04


A video outlining the steps to watching HTML5 on your Ubuntu 10.04 desktop using Chromium