New PCLinuxOS Users
Desktop Training - PCLinuxOS

Creating new user accounts enables multiple people to take advantage of the PCLinuxOS desktop. First click on System --- Preferences --- Control Panel.

selecting control center in gnome menu

With the Control Center open scroll to the bottom of the list and select User Administration. Or use the filter field on the top right side. 

control center

To access User Administration you may need to type in the root password. 

become root

Once you've entered the root password you can use this window to add/delete/ or edit users and groups. Click on the Add User icon.


list of users

You will need to specify the name, login, password and login shell you would like this user to use. You can also choose the users home directory and an icon to represent the user.

create new user

When finished click OK. Now we can see user ktownsend has been added to our list of users. 

new user created