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If you're looking to customize your Linux Mint desktop, one of the first things you'll probably try is changing the theme. You can also customize the existing themes or install a theme you've downloaded from the Internet.

Changing Linux Mint 10 Themes


First lets look at how to change to another theme already available on your Linux Mint desktop. Click on the menu icon and select Control Center.

Opening the Control Center in the Linux Mint Menu


With the Control Center window open select Look and Feel --- Appearance

Linux Mint Control Center


This brings up the Appearance Preferences window. You should start out on the Theme tab. Here you'll see thumbnails that represent the themes already installed and ready for you to use. Just click on a thumbnail to apply that theme.

Themes Installed on Linux Mint



Customizing Linux Mint 10 Themes

On the bottom Appearance Preferences window you will see several buttons including the Customize button. Select the Customize button.

Customize Linux Mint Themes


This brings up the Customize Theme window which includes several tabs that allow you to select from a list of options. These different areas make up your theme.

Customize Theme window

As soon as you make changes to your theme, click the close button at the bottom and you'll notice the Save As button is now available. Save your new theme.


Installing A Linux Mint 10 Theme

One option is to use the link on the Appearance Preferences window and go to

Install A Linux Mint Theme


Another option is to find a theme on a 3rd party site like Notice the download buttons. Click on one.

Download A Linux Mint Theme

Now save the tar.gz file.

Save A Linux Mint Theme

Now click on the Install button on the bottom of the Appearance Preferences window.

Install Button on Linux Mint Appaerance Preferences Window

Select the theme file you just downloaded and saved to your computer.

Now you'll see this message asking if you want to apply the new theme. click Apply New Theme and test it out.

You can also drag tar.gz files into the themes tab on the appearance preferences menu.