Managing Software in Linux Mint
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Linux Mint Software Manager In The Menu


Finding Software For Linux Mint

You can use the software category icons to navigate to the packages you want by clicking on them. Under each selection you can see how many packages are available for that category.

Linux Mint Software Manager


NEW FOR LINUX MINT 10: Users can now see sub categories under several of the primary categories. you can see the new Software Manager sub cateogries at the top of the screenshot below.

Linux Mint Software Manager Sub Categories

Another way to find software is to use the search field in the top right of the Software Manager window. Here you can search through the software available for Linux Mint. If you want to expand what areas are being searched, select Edit --- Preferences and turn on Search in summary or description. This returns a better broader selection of results but takes longer to load after searching.

Linux Mint Software Manager Search

Installing New Software on Linux Mint

After finding a software package you want to install on Linux Mint, select a package and you'll see details about the software. Click on the green Install button in the top right.

Linux Mint Software Install Software

The software will be installed in the background and you can watch its progress across the bottom of the Software Manager window.

Linux Mint Software Manager Ongoing Actions

After the software is installed it should be available inside of the Linux Mint main menu.


Removing Old Software From Linux Mint

If you want to remove a piece of software for one reason or another, open the Software Manager and search for a package using the field in the top right or by clicking the categories. When you select a package that's already installed you should find a green remove button in the top right. This changes to a Remove button from Install after the package is installed.

Linux Mint Software Manager - Remove Software

After you click Remove it will be removed in the background.