Remove The Fortune Messages In The Linux Mint Terminal
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I've always been slightly annoyed by the fortune cookie type message that appears in the Linux Mint terminal by default. I feel like it's in the way when I'm focused on opening the terminal and entering a command. Until the recent release of Linux Mint 11 users had to enter a series of commands into the terminal to change this. With Linux Mint 11 an option has been added to the Desktop Settings area inside the Linux Mint control panel that allows this to be toggled on or off. Here I will show you how to get to this option in Linux Mint 11 and turn it off. We will also review how to turn off the fortune messages in the terminal on Linux Mint 10  which requires a command or two.

Remove Fortune Messages From Linux Mint 11 Terminal

Here's what it looks like with the fortune messages switched on. Notice the prompt is half way down the terminal.

Example of Linux Mint Terminal Fortune Message


If you have Linux Mint 11 you can fix this by clicking Preferences --- Desktop Settings in the main menu.

Main Menu - Preferences - Desktop Settings


On the Desktop Settings Window click the Terminal option in the bottom left. Now uncheck the Show fortune cookies box and click close.

Uncheck Show Fortune Cookies


Open the terminal window again and this is what you should see. Notice the command prompt up at the top.

No Fortune Message In Linux Mint 11 Terminal

Remove Fortune Messages From Linux Mint 10 Terminal

If you have Linux Mint 10, this is a little more tricky but still easy to do. Open the terminal and type

gksu gedit /etc/bash.bashrc

Example of Fortune Message In Linux Mint 10 Terminal


At the end of the bash.bashrc file you will find a line that looks like this.


remove this line and save the file.

The bash.bashrc file


Now once you open it, you'll see a fortune-less terminal.

The Linux Mint 10 Terminal

Remove Fortune Messages All Together

Open the terminal and type sudo apt-get remove fortune