Basic Theme Changes
Desktop - Fedora


Changing The Theme

To change your theme on the Fedora 14 desktop click on System --- Preferences --- Appearance.

Fadora 14 appearance in menu

On the Appearance Preferences window with the Theme tab selected you can a see several themes available. To switch to a different theme. Click on one of the thumbnails and the theme will be applied.

Fedora 14 theme tap


Downloading The Theme

If you would like to download a new theme for your Fedora desktop you can find several websites dedicated to providing themes. At the bottom of the Theme tab of the Appearance Preferences window click on Get more themes online.

Fedora 14 download theme button

You will be directed to From here you have the option to customize all categories of your theme.

Fedora 14 download theme customization

Click on the category your prefer to customize, browse the options to find the one you like and then click the Download link that appears below it. Save the tar.gz file to your computer and open it. The archive manager will open and allow you to extract the theme files by clicking the Extract button. Click on the Show all files button and drag and drop the theme from the file manager to the Theme tab on the Appearance Preferences window. You will be asked if you want to install the new theme. Make sure your new theme is selected after it's installed and you're done.

Customizing The Theme

Fedora gives you many ways to customize your theme. To do so, follow the instructions to change theme. Once a theme is chosen click on the Customize button below the theme thumbnails. The Customize Theme window will appear and give you the option to customize: Controls, Colors, Window Borders, Icons, and Pointer. In each tab the customization will be applied when you select and option.

Fedora 14 Customize theme control tab