Updating Your Fedora Desktop
Desktop - Fedora


After you install your Fedora desktop, you'll need to keep it up to date. Updating your Fedora desktop is necessary to keep software packages up to date and the system secure. The red icon shown in the top panel (see screenshot below) indicated your Fedora desktop has updates available. After mousing over the icon you can see my system has 25 updates ready for installation.

Update Icon on Panel

To open the Update Manager manually click on System --- Administration --- Software Update.

From The Fedora Menu


This opens the Software Update window where you can see a list of updates. If you select an update more information about it will be shown on the bottom portion of the window. Exclude any of the updates from being installed by unchecking the checkbox to the left. Also note you can see the size of each package on the far right.

Updates Available


Once you've decided which updates you want to install onto your Fedora desktop, click the Install Updates button at the bottom.

Install Updates


After the updates are installed successfully you will see this confirmation message.

Fedora Updates Installed Successfully