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by Mike on January 8, 2009

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You may find you need an encrypted one page order form instead of a full shopping cart.  One excellent solution is using Of course you will first need to purchase a SSL certificate so that the order information is encrypted on your site with 256 bit encryption.

With FormNut once the order has been placed  you will receive an email that an order is placed.  Then you have two methods of viewing the order; email receipt or online order record.

Login to Your Account is the website you will go to login.  In the lower left hand corner of the window is a user ID and a place to enter a password.   Once you login you will see options on the left and a welcome message in the right window.  You will have 1 active form on your account that will allow 100 orders to be placed each month.    The system will keep track of your orders in this “Account Info” window.  The “Settings” section allows you to change the email address where the receipts are sent to and it also allows you to change the password.

The bottom section of this page contains the Active Forms.

Once you receive an email message saying you have an order you will have two ways to view that order.  The first is the most difficult, decrypt the email message.  If this is not what you want to do each time move to the second option which is very easy.

1st Method – Email Receipt
When someone places an order you will receive a message with the information in the email.  The information will be a notice of the order and an encrypted message that the order has been received.  Here is an example:


Someone has just submitted your form “Test”! This e-mail contains submitted information.

User ID: 123456
Form name: Test
Submitted on: Thu, January 8, 1:41:58, 2009 GMT
Submissions this month (all forms): 2
Submissions allowed per month: 100

Your reply will go to FormNut and NOT to the person who submitted this info! Please use contact information provided to contact this person!


All the information submitted was encrypted. File with encrypted data is attached to this e-mail (90234_8-01-2009.fne). Encrypted string is also displayed at the bottom of this e-mail.

You can decrypt form data using your private key. If you are NOT familiar with this process please visit

If you are familiar with the decryption process and already have your private key you may decrypt your data using our NutCracker(tm) software or using our secure online form at



Results from this form have been saved to a CSV (Excel) file. To download it login to your account and go to “Excel files” from the menu.

Thank you for using our service!

The easiest way to read the order is to login to your FormNut account and Choose the “Decrypt results” option which will open this window.

Once you have opened this window then choose “click here” under Decrypt data on our secure server.  This will open a window that will allow you to paste the content of your email into the window.  Important: only paste the lines from
a77f83ed4b79 …………………

Then choose “Start decryption” which is a button at the bottom.

This will decrypt the email so you can read the order information.

Easy Method Excel File

The easy method is to login to your account and then select Excel files from options on the left.  This will open the page you see below.  You can see that the storage capacity is limited, the site will save up to 200 orders before you must clear it out.  Down below you can see “manage CSV files”, this is where you can click Download to access the order.

When you click download this window will open.  If you are on a Windows machine use the options listed.  This is going to open the CSV file which will be imported into your Excel spreadsheet.

Now you are able to read all of your order information in a spreadsheet.

Helping People Place an Order
There may be situations where you will need to coach people on placing an order.  When they go to the order form it is a typical form that they will need to provide Contact Information and Billing Information.  Here is an example of the Contact Information section.  The red stars indication information that is required.

The credit card information is provided in the lower section of the form.  It also includes a section where they can make comments or ask questions.  When the form is complete they must choose “Send order” at the bottom of the page.

If people click on the FormNut logo that will be provided this information about the encryption:
Secure forms by FormNut
Forms on this website are processed by FormNut, on-line secure HTML form processor.
We make sure your form is processed using up to 256 bit High-grade Encryption. All information between your computer and our server is encrypted before transmitted over the Internet.
Your submitted information is then further encrypted before sent over e-mail and can only be decrypted by account holder using their private key.

Once a person orders they will be taken to a thank-you page where you can provide them with additional information about their order.

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