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The Work Area is familiar and will aid you in performing the real work in creating a spreadsheet. Here is what the default Work Area looks like.



The Title Bar lists the current document that is open. This example shows that this document has not been given a name and saved yet, that is why it says “Untitled 1”.

The example below shows a Title Bar with the name in it. Notice the file extension “.ods” which indicates that this is an OpenOffice 3 Calc file. The OpenOffice 1 extension was

“.sxc”. One common extension of spreadsheets is the “.xls” extension which comes from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.



The Menu Bar shows you the commands that are available for each document. Each command has a number of options located within it. Each option on the Menu Bar has a number of options related to it.


The Object Bar allows you to format the text that you have selected. The first part of the Object Bar is the font type and the font size, bold, italic and underline as well as justification.


The second part of the Object Bar is the formatting that you may use on the cells that are under construction including the ability to change font color to quickly format currency, percentage, decimal points, indent and of course borders and background colors.


The Formula Bar will allow you to create formulas for computations within the spreadsheet.





The Status bar provides information concerning which page you are modifying out of how many available pages, the viewing percentage and text selection mode. The Status Bar can be changed by right clicking on the appropriate section, for example the viewing percentage can be changed by right clicking where the 100% is and choosing a percentage. The Status Bar also shows several tabs that allow you to work on a number of sheets at a time. Finally, the Work Area consists of columns and rows for entering information. The columns are listed A,B,C, etc and the rows are listed 1,2,3, etc. Each individual block is called a cell, here the highlighted cell is A1, which means the A column and the number 1 row.