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If it's not already tough enough competition in the CD/DVD software world, Nero previously required that you to buy a Windows copy in order to get the free Linux version. Now NeroLinux is available for $24.99. NeroLinux is a feature-rich Gnome optical burning program powered by the Nero burning engine. This provides a professional solution for burning audio, data, and video discs. Some of the features included in the Gnome burning application are Blu-ray and HD DVD support, familiar design, Smart Detect offers excellent drive support, Joilet and RockRidge support, CD-Text, mixed mode, bootable CD/DVD plus NeroLinux has been translate into 26 different languages.

NeroLinux also offers a great selection of audio features including digital audio extraction (DAE), Nero audio plugin interface for the new formats, includes mp3 encoder, and ISRC support.

NeroLinux provides the usability you would expect from their brand name. Now you can have support for hot plug, save detailed log files, erase all rewritable media feature, drag and drop CD contents, Easy installation and more.

One feature that sticks out more than the rest is the HD-DVDs and Blu-ray discs burning abilities. This is something that K3B and other giants don't yet offer. Of course command line remedies are available but nothing graphical like NeroLinux offers.

File formats are a big deal these days because after all what good is a player that doesn't play or a burner that can read the files you want to burn. Software that can't recognize MP3 is at a huge disadvantage because of the MP3 being such a large online audio file standard. I was very happy to see that NeroLinux accepts the MP3 file format by default and many other popular file formats including FLAC and OGG.

Compared to it's predecessor, NeroLinux 2.0, Nero Linux 3.0 is miles ahead. Many improvements have been made in features and functionality creating a software that offers solutions to its users. Nero has taken a unique approach asking users to pay for their software but, because they have such a hold over the Windows industry multimedia users, it may just work. Many users love the familiarity of the software after using Nero versions for Windows and many see it as a welcome bridge between Windows and Linux Multimedia.

Discuss NeroLinuxdiscuss nerolinux