Color History
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Create a Color History

Create a color history if these colors will be reused. Use the arrow to add a color into the color history. Notice the green color is in the color history. Simply click on one of the colors in the color history to access the color again.

On the right hand side of the Change Foreground/Background Color Dialog Box, there are color channels that users are able to set manually to find an exact color they want to use.

The different channels that are used are Hue, Saturate, Values, Red, Green and Blue.

Use the up and down arrows on the right to change or modify any of these channels to come up with a specific color.

In the Channels Tab next to the Gimp Symbol Tab, a user is able to change a number of color channels to come up with the right one.

Here, the choices are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black respectively from top to bottom.

The regular color channels are on the right. Current Color, Old Color, Hex Triplet,and Color History are also displayed. The next tab to right of the Channels Tab is the Color Wheel Tab.

Notice also that the Current Color, the Hex Triplet, and all of the standard Color Channels were also automatically changed.

Once a color is found for the Foreground or Background color, click “OK”. To stop choosing a color and go on to something else in Gimp without saving any changes, click “Cancel”. Finally if the Change Foreground/Background Color Dialog Box gets confusing click “Reset” to go back to your original settings.

In the Paint Tab, located next to the Colored Wheel Tab, choose colors by using a color triangle.

A user is able to incorporate this triangle with the standard color channels and find a specific color that they can use. The sliding bar to the right of the color triangle is the pressure setting.

Notice that the Hex Triplet, Color History, Current Color, and Old Color are still displayed in the Change Foreground/Background Color Dialog Box.