Foregrounds and Backgrounds
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Foreground and Background Colors


The Foreground and Background Colors that are located on the bottom left hand corner of the Gimp Tool box, provides the colors of any of the paint or drawing tools being used.

As you can see in the example, the Foreground color will always be on the top left. In this case it is set to black which is the default Foreground Color.

The Background Color will always be on the bottom right. In the example this is set to white, which is also the default Background color.

To change any of these two colors simply click on one of them and the Change Color Dialog Box will appear.

Next, notice the smaller black and white Foreground and Background colors located at the bottom left of the box. By clicking this option, users are able to reset the original default values of the Foreground and Background Colors.

Also visible are the small arrows pointing to the Foreground and Background Colors. This feature is located on the top right hand side of the box. This option allows a user to flip flop the Foreground and Background Colors. So if that option were clicked, white would be the Foreground color and black would be the Background color.